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Carlos Medrano, La Jolla Wedding Photographer know for his unique style and passion for photography, blending different styles and techniques that he has acquired throughout the years and his extensive multi cultural experiences living in many different countries, Mexico, Australia, The Czech Republic, Spain and lately settled in the USA, in Southern California.

Some people say he is one of the best La Jolla Wedding Photographer for many reasons, his expertise, his experience, his artistic and creative way of creating photographs and most important for his Integrity, Carlos is also well know for his people personality and excellent customer service. These qualities are some of the qualities you should be looking in a La Jolla Wedding Photographer.

With a deep artistic background, starting as a studio portrait photographer assistant and second photographer, he learned the art of posing people, the use of artificial sources of light including flashes, strobes, reflectors and constant lighting to create artistic and unique photographs, as he says, “every photo and every session is unique and individual” to his technical photography education learned while attending photography classes for two years while going to college to graduate with a Bachelors degree in business marketing.

Now a days specializing in wedding photography, as a photojournalist and other blend of styles he focuses on capturing the real essence of people and their emotions, triggering the camera at the right time with the right lighting conditions using the best creative angles available is not an easy task, it’s a skill acquired throughout the years.

Most of the times wedding photography demands to be fast, starting from the bride getting ready to the ceremony, family and couples portrait session to the wedding reception, the most important wedding moments happen

right in front of you eyes, so fast, that only the most skillful photographer will capture for you. From posed portraits to candid shots Carlos Medrano from Blue Spot Photography is the La Jolla Wedding Photographer you are looking for.


La Jolla Wedding Photographer

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