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A seasoned La Jolla Photographer, Carlos Lopez from Blue Spot Photography is a wedding photographer offering a unique style of his own, with many years of photography experience in different fields like portrait photography, landscape photography, wedding photography and fashion photography he’s a La Jolla Photographer that blends different styles, from modern and creative to classic and elegant.

Blue Spot Photography La Jolla Photographer is considered one of the best in La Jolla California
and throughout Southern California. Frequently working at La Jolla, Coronado, Mission Bay & San Diego surroundings.

The La Jolla Photographer you are looking for, creative, honest and professional service with Integrity that will exceed your photography expectations. La Jolla is a unique place for a wedding photographer, it offers many different types of places to work, from beautiful beaches, greeneries, meadows and great outdoors, a diversity of natural landscapes and even waterfalls that play an important role in the photographer options to offer to the clients.

As a photographer you can play with the seasons, the sunrise and sunsets to handle the most valuable light for your pictures, backdrops with rich natural colors, that will make your photograph sessions a very enjoyable experience. Let’s not forget about one of the main points of interest at La Jolla, the beaches! Located at the north west side of  the County, San Diego is a well know and popular host to the most beautiful weddings in Southern California.

Working different popular cities in Southern California, from the south of San Diego, La Jolla to the Temecula wineries & Orange County.

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