Color accuracy from digital files to prints

As a professional wedding photographer, working on the postproduction of the photographs is as important as taking the photos on the wedding day.

The photos you see on your computer display will not necessarily look the same when you send them to print if the edited photos where not processed in a professional calibrated display.

Have you ever had photos taken by a friend, family or a non professional photographer and get some good looking photos on your computer and then get disappointed when you send them to print just to pick up photos that are yellowish, greenish or with different skin tones? Only professional photographers are aware of color accuracy.

Every computer display ages with time and the colors it display keep changing as it ages, this is why it is very important as a professional wedding photographer to keep recalibrating your displays. In Blue Spot Photography we have high standards of quality that’s why we recalibrate our professional displays every 3 months, this way we can always provide our clients with the highest quality photographs they expect from us.


monitor calibration